Sound Metrics Provides US Navy Special Operations Command with ARIS Defender Diver-Held Sonars

Sound Metrics completed delivery of (4) ARIS Defender Diver-Held High-Resolution Imaging Sonars and associated Topside Supervisory Packages to the Pacific Special Operations Command in Hawaii. The ARIS Defender 3000 systems will be used to provide an accurate identification and classification of previously mapped suspicious underwater targets.

Quote from SOCOM representative:

“Four days out of the week we utilize a longer range, low-resolution sonar for target detection purposes. We compile a list of suspect targets complete with location. On the fifth day we revisit each suspect target location and use the ARIS Defender 3000. The sonar imagery we collect on Day 5 offers the resolution and detail required to accurately identify and size the target.”
The design of ARIS Defender is unprecedented as it actually combines “two sonar models” in one complete package at a tremendous cost savings. The ARIS Defender is unique in its design as it offers a wide array of deployment scenarios. The Defender can be deployed foremost as a diver-held imaging sonar and is also capable of being tethered or operating autonomously. When a tethered deployment is engaged, topside personnel are able to view the sonar data in real-time along with the diver.
For projects and job requirements that do not require the use of a diver, the ARIS Defender is easily converted for use as a compact fully functional ARIS Explorer. In the Explorer mode, the sonar can be deployed in a multitude of different scenarios including being integrated on underwater vehicles.
Likewise, existing customers who have invested in the purchase of an ARIS Explorer system have not been forgotten. They now have the option to purchase a “Defender Upgrade Kit” for their Explorer sonar.  This option affords the customer the added benefit to convert their Explorer for use as a Defender diver-Held system at a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing a new diver-held sonar.

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